There is a strong focus on PSHE at Cromwell Learning Community which covers: personal, social, moral, health and economic factors.  The PSHE curriculum not only covers weekly lessons in class but offers support to pupils through interventions such as Play therapy, Nurture group and Talking and Drawing therapy, where needed.  Pupils are encouraged to develop interpersonal skills and share their views through Circle Time activities and by using strategies for self-management from Friends for Life.

At the start of each academic year pupils participate in Team building activities run by John Street to develop their resilience and confidence. In order to ensure pupils are aware of current issues, Heads of School conduct weekly assemblies to discuss current affairs and the pupils watch Newsround daily in class. There is additional reflection time in class and each class has two representatives for School Council who promote Pupil Voice in school through regular conversations with their class about what they would like to see in their school and any other matters they would like to raise.

Our aim at Cromwell Learning Community is to ensure that pupils feel respected, valued and heard. This will help them towards building their confidence and giving them the skills they need for a bright future.