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Reception Gallery

Reception have been reading about the mixed up chameleon and were inspired to create their own using paint.

Gallery - please click to view

Zakariya chameleon

Zakariya chameleon (46KB)

zakari chameleon

zakari chameleon (44KB)

Zahra chameleon

Zahra chameleon (47KB)

shamina chameleon

shamina chameleon (47KB)

Sasha chameleon

Sasha chameleon (49KB)

Sana chameleon

Sana chameleon (44KB)

samariteanca chameleon

samariteanca chameleon (44KB)

raman chamelon

raman chamelon (48KB)

Noora chameleon

Noora chameleon (45KB)

Mustafa chameleon

Mustafa chameleon (45KB)

Musa chameleon

Musa chameleon (46KB)

Mujtaba chameleon

Mujtaba chameleon (47KB)

mateusz chameloen

mateusz chameloen (44KB)

Mariama chameleon

Mariama chameleon (45KB)

Lylia chameleon

Lylia chameleon (43KB)

Khalid chameleon

Khalid chameleon (46KB)

Halima chameleon

Halima chameleon (46KB)

Hafsa chameleon

Hafsa chameleon (46KB)

Emma chameleon

Emma chameleon (45KB)

cristiano chameleon

cristiano chameleon (48KB)

batseba chamelon

batseba chamelon (47KB)

Ansh chameleon

Ansh chameleon (45KB)

Andre chameleon

Andre chameleon (42KB)

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